The AI Delusion is a remarkable book: deeply thoughtful but highly readable, full of practical examples to illustrate Smith’s powerful computational critique of the proliferation of AI, big data, and machine learning in our daily lives. Truly essential reading. Frank Pasquale, Professor of Law, University of Maryland, author of The Black Box Society

AI is eating the world!  Or is it?  Read the AI Delusion to find out.  Gary Smith provides us with a rich tapestry of stories, studies, and science to elucidate this topic in a fun and accessible fashion. Learning about AI, data, and science has never been more enjoyable! Oren Etzioni, CEO of the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence, Professor of Computer Science at the University of Washington

In his new book, The AI Delusion, Gary Smith demolishes the hype, the exaggerations, and the unrealistic expectations that have surrounded artificial intelligence and data mining. Combining vivid narratives with insightful analysis, the book is both highly informative and enormously entertaining. Ernest Davis, Professor of Computer Science, New York University

In The AI Delusion, Professor Gary Smith demonstrates why artificial intelligence doesn't live up to the hype. He uses a wide variety of real-world examples to illustrate the risks of taking humans out of the decision-making process. The book is required reading for all organizations that are looking to make critical decisions based solely on artificial intelligence.Karl J. Meyer, Partner, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers

Fantastic! A fascinating and entertaining book that points to the weaknesses of the big data and artificial intelligence that increasingly bombards and prods us to do or not do this, that, or the other. With lively anecdotes, Gary shows why we can benefit from big data and artificial intelligence, but also need to think for ourselves.Simeon Nestorov, Managing Director, Intermediate Growth Capital Funds

Anyone who made the mistake of searching online for assembly instructions for chairs they bought, only to be overwhelmed by ads on their phone and computer because a Big Data program decided they are furnishing a house, will appreciate Professor Smith’s humorous and insightful expose. With a healthy dose of statistics and anecdotes, Dr. Smith shows that the Big Data Emperor is not only naked, but unabashedly proud of it. Read this book before you find yourself diagnosed as having Malaria because you browsed a book on African History on Amazon.Rob Moody, Managing Partner, Kiios, LLC

Artificial Unintelligence is “mandatory” reading for everyone in our society. Gary Smith is a truth teller in a world that is getting, and seems to be okay with getting, farther and farther away from the truth. Gary not only informs in a fun way, but also leaves the reader with zero doubt about the dangers of Artificial Intelligence (AI). A textbook for successfully navigating life in the computer age.Craig Gregozeski, President/Portfolio Manager, Squire Asset Management

Big Data is increasingly being used to make Big Decisions, and that's a Good Thing, as long as we keep aware of how things can Go Wrong, as Gary Smith explains in this Fun New Book.Andrew Gelman, Professor of Statistics and Political Science, Director of the Applied Statistics Center at Columbia University, Author of Red State, Blue State, Rich State, Poor State: Why Americans Vote the Way They Do

Finally someone writing about AI who actually understands AI and wants to tell the truth. Smith's book goes a long way towards dispelling the AI BS that dominates nearly all media reports about AI.Roger Schank, Professor Emeritus, Northwestern University

Professor Smith delivers a much needed warning on how artificial intelligence can actually make you, your company and your government less intelligent. Every CEO should read this book.Jeffrey Towson, Professor of Investment, Peking University, co-author of The I Hour China Book

It is welcome news indeed that Professor Gary Smith is willing to take a public stand against all the Big Data hype which is leading a lot of people in the wrong direction. The adjective “artificial” preceding “intelligence” is a warning that real intelligence is not just carrying out the steps that someone else has coded. This book has many examples of how human wisdom can combine with data to produce real insights when data alone lead astray. Next time you hear the marketing jargon “Big Data,” chant back “Big Data, Small Intelligence” and pass out a copy of this book.Edward E. Leamer, Professor of Management, Economics and Statistics, UCLA

Huge data sets combined with ever increasing computational power are inexorably propelling rapid advances in artificial intelligence in numerous domains. Any vision of the future critically depends on correctly assessing these trends.  But there is a problem: the speed and opacity of these developments make breathless pronouncements easy and hard to counter.  Smith’s deeply insightful book is just the antidote we need.  His combination of lively writing, deep knowledge of computers and a sharp eye for hype is unmatched.  Read this book and you will be ready for the decade ahead. Hamilton W. Helmer, Ph.D., Managing Partner, Strategy Capital

Data professionals and consumers can benefit from Smith’s entertaining and accessible demonstration that more computing power and more data do not imply more intelligence. We need to have more confidence in our human intellect. Humans may have common sense and an appreciation of context. Computers uniformly have none.Eric Engberg, Data Scientist and Software Engineer, Wells Fargo

Professor Smith delivers a strong defense of the scientific method – theory before data – and clearly demonstrates the limitations of ‘AI’ and ‘Big Data’.Chris Nelson, Chief Financial Officer, Universal Studios Hollywood

The AI Delusion is a fascinating book that will help people understand some of the limitations of big data and artificial intelligence. It should be required reading for new data scientists so that they can understand the limits and traps of data mining and false correlations.Matt Thompson, Senior Vice President, Skyview Capital