Gary and Margaret have hit the ball out of the park. Both amateur and professional investors would be well-rewarded by reading and re-reading The Power of Modern Value Investing. — Brian Nelson, CFA, President, Valuentum Securities

A book about investing that every investor should read. — Ed Yardeni, President & Chief Investment Strategist, Yardeni Research, Inc.

Should be required reading for all value investors and anyone else wanting to see things differently. — Gary Antonacci, author of Dual Momentum Investing

A superior value-oriented analytical approach to investing. — Chris Dialynas, Managing Director, PIMCO

An enjoyable read and a great road map for building wealth! — Andrew D Sloves, Board of Directors, Rithm Capital, Former Managing Director,  J.P. Morgan

An essential read for every investor. — Mitch Mokhtari, Professor of Personal Finance, University of Maryland - College Park

A great foundation for both new and veteran investors. — Matt Thompson, Private Equity and Technology Investor

I have read over 40,000 pages on Value Investing alone, and Professors Smith and Smith continue to prescribe (and practice!) an accessible framework that not only upholds the original tenets of the discipline but one that investors can successfully apply across any epoch in economic history. — Roberto Hamilton, CFA