Gary Smith has done an impressive job of laying out the landscape of club soccer in his book Club Soccer: Insider's Guide to Winning the Game. Being someone who has operated in this milieu for 30 odd years, I thoroughly enjoyed Gary’s work and strongly recommend it to all parents who are currently weighing the pros and cons of putting their children in club soccer.Fred Bruce-Oliver, Club soccer coach, Head Coach, Claremont High School Boys Soccer, Head Coach, Citrus College Men’s Soccer 

The book is informative and a great read for parents trying to choose what is best for their child. Keri Sanchez, former professional player, Head Coach, Women's Soccer, Claremont McKenna-Harvey Mudd-Scripps Colleges

Club Soccer should be read by anyone involved in youth soccer whether a coach, parent or administrator. Bill Swartz, Head Coach, Pomona-Pitzer Men’s Soccer

It is essential that families know exactly what they want when they enter club soccer. Too many people jump feet first into it, with little or no knowledge of what they are actually getting into. Breaking it down as realistically as this book does will aid in educating soccer families who want to see their children succeed.Rob Fulton, club soccer manager, coach, and parent

Gary Smith has written a very informative book about soccer and the club soccer system in Southern California. If you are a parent exploring playing options for your child, please read this. The information detailed by Gary will help increase the chance that you and your child get the most out of the club soccer system, not the other way around. Owen Mikasa, Club soccer parent

A gritty and honest look at the realities of club soccer. Dispels many of the myths of club soccer, and in so doing, does a favor to those who read this book and are seriously contemplating club soccer for their children. Gary's insight and experience are on full display in its depth and breadth. Club Soccer: Insider's Guide to Winning the Game should be a must-have companion for every parent, manager, and coach who wants to navigate the rough waters of club soccer to success for themselves, their teams, and especially their children.John Davidson, Club soccer team manager and parent 

A great book for both club soccer veterans and those just getting started. In fact, it should be mandatory for all soccer parents to buy this book at sign up.Kevin Willmore, Club soccer administrator, manager, coach, and parent

Thanks to you, I’m now aware of the costs that go into running a team. I most definitely wondered why we were paying the big bucks. Johnny Duran, club soccer coach and parent