How does an investor distinguish a bubble from a bargain? Both Professor Smith and I believe the answer is through value investing: thinking about the intrinsic value of a stock and not about the stock’s old price or a guess of its future price. Let others make decisions driven by fear and greed, and thank them silently for the opportunities they give you—for the $100 bills they leave on the sidewalk. If you want to be a great investor, look for these $100 bills and do not be afraid to pick them up off the ground when you find some! This is another great, well thought out book by Professor Smith that I enjoyed reading, and you will too. Michael Larson, Chief Investment Officer of BMGI, the Investment Office of Bill Gates

Gary Smith's Money Machine should be on the shelf of any investor right next to Security Analysis by Graham and DoddAndrew D. Sloves, Former Managing Director, JP Morgan

Filled with common sense and an uncommon level of insight, Smith delivers a book that should be required reading for all investors.Chris Nelson, Chief Financial Officer, Universal Studios Hollywood

Smith combines key concepts from finance, statistics, and psychology into a must read book for any investor.Karl J. Meyer, Business Development, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers.

Money Machine is an essential read for any investor looking to improve their understanding of how to make money in financial markets today.Mike Schimmel,  Managing Director/Portfolio Manager, Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors.

This is the most comprehensive book I’ve read regarding faults in logic and math that plague investors, amateur and professional. This is an outstanding book!Bob McClure, McClure Investment Management, LLC

A joyful crusade through the world of economics, behavioral science, value investing, market dynamics, and their intersection with common sense. Gary Smith’s Money Machine is a must read.Simeon Nestorov, Managing Director, Berkeley Square Inc.

Smith has again done a masterful job of simplifying the complicated and provides an insightful fact-based, common sense tool for investing. Joe Berchtold, Chief Operating Officer, Live Nation Entertainment

Psst! I got a tip for ya! Gary Smith's Money Machine is a rare pleasure--a book about investing that makes you laugh out loud. Smith uses a series of telling stories about investors, students, friends, and so-called experts to drive home his point that investing is about creating value, year after year, and not about yelling "Buy! Sell!" all day in response to the latest blips on the ticker board. Charles Euchner, Center for an Urban Future

In Money Machine, Gary Smith does what he does best: he provides a clear, readable, accessible overview on the fundamentals of investing, its opportunities, and the pitfalls.Sebastian Thomas, CFA, MBA

Smith is a brilliant writer who uses statistical analysis and common sense storytelling to articulate his important message... Cash is King. I highly recommend this book to any serious long-term investor. Scott Green, Venture Capitalist, 270 Capital

A modest investment of time with Smith's book will yield outsized returns to those looking to build personal wealth in a reliable and steady manner.Bryan White, Founder, Sahsen Ventures

Shocking - An economist can be clear and funny while actually conveying great insights into rational and irrational approaches to stock market valuation! This book will be a great gift to give my friends and clients who definitely need to read it. Davis D. Thompson, Corporate Attorney

In Money Machine, Smith dispels many common myths of technical data, data mining, and market bubbles through entertaining and engaging examples.  A thoroughly enjoyable read. Andrew Voth, CPA/CFF, CVA, CIRA/CDBV, CFE, Senior Director, Alvarez & Marsal